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Montessori-Inspired Play Kits by Left & Right

Play Kits by Left & Right



Inspired by the Montessori philosophy, our Play Kits are concrete representations of abstract concepts, with a control of error such that the material itself is the “teacher”. They are also open-ended, allowing each material to be manipulated in many different ways. These simple materials isolate and focus on a single sense and hone in on only one particular concept at a time. Designed to be progressive, our Play Kits see our little ones from infancy through toddlerhood.




Each product is delicately crafted from hinoki, eucalyptus, walnut, beech, eucari and/or acacia wood and are also lovingly packed into Play Kits (Baby Play KitTaby Play Kit and Toddler Play Kit). Perfect to grow with our little ones as they embark on their adventure into our wonderful world!



Baby Play Kit

Baby Play Kit by Left and Right


Ball & Cup

The Ball and Cup is a classic Montessori material that encourages little ones to hold the ball in a palmar grasp position. The cup, crafted to take the shape of the ball, encourages them to toss the ball out of the cup and eventually working to put it back into the cup, promoting hand-eye coordination. 


Three Single Shape Puzzles

These individual shape puzzles can be introduced to little ones one at a time to provide them with a glimpse into the world of geometry. Each base frame is shaped to its corresponding shape puzzle to establish the recognition of the shape when they are working to put them together.



Circle Pincer Puzzle

Crafted to be a flat light-weighted piece with a knob, the Circle Pincer Puzzle encourages little ones to hold the piece in a pincer grasp manner while focusing on bringing the circle puzzle in and out of the base frame.


Palmar & Pincer Grasp Blocks

Considered a type of first puzzle, the Palmar & Pincer Grasp Blocks consists of a pole and a knob with cylinder to develop palmar and pincer grasps. For the Palmar Grasp block, little ones learn to place the pole into the base then grabs onto it and pulls it out. The pincer grasp is usually introduced after the palmar grasp and little ones love to have their thumbs and forefingers grab the cylinder out of the base and place it back in. The shapes and sizes of the pole, cylinder and block are crafted for our little ones to hold it comfortably while strengthening their grasp holds. 


Cube Rattle

Sized to be perfect for tiny hands, the Cube Rattle produces a gentle and delightful rattle sound that would captivate little ones to reach and grab.


Interlocking Discs

Introduced as one of the first toys, the Interlocking Discs develop holding and grabbing with tiny hands to practise hand-to-hand transfer. Perfect as a teether, it is also wonderful to entice little ones to reach out with its interesting rolling pattern.


Ball Cylinder

The gentle sounds of the rolling coloured balls would captivate little ones to reach for the Ball Cylinder. The rods are sized for their little hands to grab onto to explore the cause (shaking the cylinder) and the effect (of the sound created by the rapid moving balls on the surfaces).




Taby Play Kit

Taby Play Kit by Left & Right


Four Single Shape Pincer Puzzles

A combination build-up of individual shape puzzles and pincer grasp knobs. Little ones will notice the edges of the shape while holding the puzzle at its knob. The introduction of a smaller sized circle as part of the puzzles prompts understanding of size differentiation. Recommended to introduce one puzzle at a time once little one has mastered each piece individually. 


Three Cylinders Pincer Puzzle

Meant to be used after little ones have mastered Palmar & Pincer Grasp Blocks, this puzzle institutes the concept of size differentiation. The varied widths of just three cylinders will keep the puzzle simple and self-correcting for little ones with only one variable (width).


Three Poles Palmar Puzzle

Introduced after mastering the Palmar & Pincer Grasp Blocks, this puzzle brings out the concept of size differentiation. While little ones are busy sorting to insert the poles into the block, they would also be building up their palmar grasp muscles! The varied widths of just three poles will keep the puzzle simple and self-correcting for little ones with only one variable (width).


Rings On Vertical Dowel

Keeping to the same colour, shape and size of the rings, the Rings on Vertical Dowel isolates the particular skill of manoeuvring the ring and stacking it through the dowel. In this manner, little ones will not be overwhelmed by other variances while improving their hand-eye coordination.


Four Cubes Blocks

Smooth and rounded edge blocks for stacking and open-ended play. The Four Cubes Blocks allows little ones to practise holding, pushing and tossing during plays.


Shapes Sorter

Designed with four distinct shapes - circle (sphere), triangle (triangular prism), square (cube), and rectangle (rectangular prism) - the Shapes Sorter encourages little ones to practice matching 2D holes to 3D shapes. They learn to differentiate shapes and familiarise with 'cause and effect' as they push the shapes through the respective openings and observe the 3D shapes fall through. Recommended to present the two easiest shapes first (circle and square) before advancing to all four shapes. Little ones can move on to practise opening and closing the magnetic gate to retrieve the 3D shapes.


Toddler Play Kit

Toddler Play Kit by Left & Right


Three Shapes Puzzle

A chunky puzzle that introduces the circle, triangle and square. With three shapes together, little ones work through placing the shape puzzle into the correct base. This puzzle can be introduced after they have mastered single-shape puzzles.   


Three Circles Pincer Puzzle

While working to place the circles into their respective bases, little ones will discover the concept of size discrimination. As they work to determine the puzzle that will fit the base, they will form a clear view of the edges while putting the pieces together.


Rings on Horizontal Dowel

This Rings on Horizontal Dowel helps little ones build on hand, eye and precision coordination. The horizontal stacking presents a novel challenge for little ones. The three loose rings could be introduced first before they advance to stacking the three tight rings for more precise movement.


Nine Poles Palmar Puzzle

The Nine Poles Palmar Puzzle presents a higher difficulty to the Three Poles Palmar Puzzle and helps develop our little ones’ concentration. The arrangement of the poles helps establish the concept of ordering height and width of the poles.


Stacking Rings

Modelled to have varied sizes of the rings, the three circular rings introduces the concept and visualisation of small, medium, large sizes.  Each ring is made of contrasting wood tones to emphasise the order of the rings. 


Mushroom With Screw

Sized perfectly for the hands of our little ones, this toy encourages the motion of twisting and untwisting to promote fine motor skills. It doubles up as a tool in the kitchen to crack nuts!