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About Us


We know you want to ensure the world continues to be a beautiful place for your little one. Focusing on sustainable practices and modern design, we scoured for artisan communities and brands that aligned with our goals.  Our featured products are created by individuals with a deep passion for what they do,  placing our little people at the core of their work.

As we envisioned the future of our little one, it prompted the birth of Left & Right. We hope that our curation would spark joy, a free spirit and curiosity in them. For every little one who receives our beautiful items, we wish for them to be...

Joyful - delight and find pleasure in their individual pursuits. 

Free-spirited - independent in thought and discerning of shared ideas.

Curious - an eager spirit in pursuit of knowledge. 

And to you reading this, thank you for supporting our humble business. :) 

With Love, 

Left & Right